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Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do as a professional organizer?


  1. I provide one-on-one coaching initially and throughout the process to establish client goals and functioning for an optimally organized space. 

  2. Help with hands-on organizing - sorting, labeling, putting things away, and helping clients make decisions. 

  3. I research necessary products and can provide assembly and installation. 

  4. Support between sessions if you have questions or concerns. ​​


What is your process? 

First, we schedule a free walkthrough so I can meet you and familiarize myself with the space. After that, our first session consists of coaching, and we start organizing. In between sessions, clients commit to spending time working on the project. The following sessions begin with a check-in to see how the work went and what needs adjusting, then more organizing. 


What do you charge? 

The price depends on the size of the project. For more information, let's chat! You can contact me here.


How do I set up an appointment? 

You can set an appointment by text, call, or email. 


What spaces can I get organized? 

I offer general home organizing assistance. 


What are your COVID-19 precautions? 


I am fully vaccinated and twice boosted. Whether or not we wear masks will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on vaccination status and the comfort of both the client and myself.    ​


Do you offer in-person organizing? 


Yes! I serve people within approximately a 20-mile radius of Hamtramck, MI. I do help people outside of that radius with an additional charge. 

Have further questions?

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