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I am astounded by the affect Organizing Step by Step has had on my life. Disorganized and distractible my entire existence, I was resigned to rarely having my house “company ready.” Clutter was everywhere: in my house and my mind. Emilie guided me from chaos to order in my basement by giving me the tools I needed to maneuver through the mess.Once the basement was done (and a dozen happy dances later) I breezed through the upstairs and realized that my mindset was completely changed: I thought through every task using the skills I learned with a vigor I’d seldom had while cleaning. I had newfound joy and pride of place. I even had a party, and was so happy to show off my home! I approach every task with a “step by step” mindset- even at work. I am forever grateful to Emilie and Organize Step by Step.

Hazel Park, Michigan
In-person organizing 

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